iOS Development Training in Swift

Swift - a modern programming language announced at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference in June 2014 - is expected to become the primary coding language used to develop native applications for Apple devices.
iOS development training in Swift
More than a language, Swift and the latest version of Apple’s Xcode bring together a set of design and software engineering principles and best practices to drive the superlative quality of future mobile, wearable, and desktop device apps.
Our course offers broad coverage of these methods, the Swift language, and a fundamental selection of the thousands of APIs that come with the iOS SDK. We touch on data storage, communication and integration, graphics and animation, map and location awareness, media recording and playback, and many more.
Courses are led by veteran software developers with decades of experience - and real apps written in Swift on the app store. Participants will be guided through a disciplined design and development process with the goal of submitting a complete, working app at the end of each course.
Please contact us for our course schedule, or for custom or on-site iOS development training.