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Non-fiction children
Nonfiction Children’s eBook: All Kids Love Yoga

In a world of incessant stimulation and noise, children need activities that promote quiet and self-awareness. All Kids Love Yoga, by Gabriele Petra Becker, is a manual for adults who want to practise yoga with children. It contains delightful and childlike but accurate illustrations of the postures.

Available via Amazon and Apple.

Nonfiction Business eBook: Legitimate Leadership

Legitimate Leadership, by Wendy Lambourne, examines how employers can attain the willingness of their employees to be led. The book is based on seminal research performed in the South African gold mining industry.

Available via Amazon and Apple.
Non-fiction business ebook on leadership

Non-fiction technical ebook on dorper breeding
Nonfiction Technical eBook: Dorpers in the New Century

Dorpers in the New Century, by Dolf Lategan, is a training manual for dorper sheep breeders and contains best practices and practical advice.

Available via Amazon in English, Spanish and Afrikaans.

Nonfiction Psychology eBook: Babies in Mind

Babies in Mind, by Jenny Perkel, is an infant and early-childhood parenting manual.

Available via Amazon and Apple.
Non-fiction psychology ebook on parenting

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