Swift Courses in South Africa

iOS Development Training in Swift

Swift is a modern programming language announced at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference on June 2, 2014. Until the release of Swift, the only language supported by Apple for building apps on OS X and iOS was Objective-C, which dates back to 1983. Swift is expected to become the primary coding language used to develop native applications for Apple devices.

Our Swift courses are led by veteran software developers with real apps written in Swift on the app store. Participants will be guided through a disciplined design and development process with the goal of submitting a complete working app at the end of each course.


Course Content:

  • Understanding the tools: Xcode, Interface Builder, Simulator, Playground, REPL, storyboards, Autolayout, outlets & actions, segues & navigation, gesture recognizers, asset catalogs, media, frameworks, settings, schemes, local storage, debugging, profiling, testing, internationalisation, ...
  • The Swift language: types, arrays, dictionaries, control flow, classes, mutability, optionals, containers, generics, enumeration, structs & classes, functions & methods, tuples, closures, functional programming, switch statement & pattern matching, map/reduce, I/O, Plists, web services, XML, JSON, animations, concurrency, Run loop, GCD, ...
  • Common patterns: MVC, MVCD, Views & View Controllers, delegation, notifications, protocols, extensions, asynchronous data fetches, analytics, ...
  • Design, build and submit an app

Courses are currently scheduled throughout South Africa in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

Please contact us for our course schedule, or for custom or on-site iOS development training.