Featured Children's Book App

The Miniature Polar Bear

Rogue Works has the technical expertise to produce innovative, gorgeous children's book apps for the iPad.  These highly custom book apps are specially created to take advantage of the iPad and to tell stories in new and engaging ways.

In the US, the Pew Research Center estimates that tablet ownership among adults rose from 10% in December 2012 to 34% in June 2013 – and 50% among parents with young children. A recent study by PBS found that the use of educational apps increased children's vocabulary acquisition by 31% within a span of just two weeks.

Our book apps provide a fun, interactive experience for children. We hope that our young readers enjoy our book apps as much as we love making and publishing them!

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Our featured children's book app, The Miniature Polar Bear, was designed to foster bilingualism with text and voiceovers in multiple languages and the option to read two languages, side by side. Written by Sarah Scott with stunning artwork by award-winning animator, Ric Capecchi. Project management, design and development by Rogue Works.

You might think a miniature polar bear would be easy to care for, but you’d be wrong. Just ask Jimmy, who finds one under his bed. This whimsical story about a mischievous boy is brought to life with reactive animated illustrations by a master of the craft, and features sound effects and multi-language voiceovers, all created specially for the interactive environment of the iPad.


  • Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations
  • Interactive animations on every page
  • Fun sound effects
  • Text and voiceover in multiple languages
  • Optional dual-language display
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Charming characters
  • A very mischievous boy called Jimmy
  • Lots of animals

Ages: 6-8

Languages currently available:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese