New Children's Book App

Chameleon Adventure

Our new children's book app, Chameleon Adventure, was written by Wendy Train with stunning artwork by award-winning animator, Ric Capecchi. Project management, design and development by Rogue Works.

Like any curious child, Sammy wants to see the world beyond the small patch of ground that he calls home. But Sammy is a young chameleon and the world beyond his home is full of dangers. Join Sammy as he sets off on his first journey away from home. Experience our everyday world of busy roads and pavements from the perspective of a slow-walking and well-camouflaged little chameleon.

  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • Interactive animations on every page
  • Fun sound effects
  • Text and voiceover
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Charming characters

Ages: 6-8


We are a pound member of Moms with Apps!